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Basics of Choosing the Right Employee Benefits

It's hard to know what benefits are important to employees if you've had little experience with benefits before. Included are articles and resources to help you decide what are the best choices for you and your staff.

How to Create an Employee Handbook
Creating an Employee Handbook is important to setting company policies. Here is a list of items to help you start creating an Employee Handbook for your company.

IRS Guide to Employee Benefits
Many benefits given to employees have tax reprucussions. View this link to see what qualifications and forms the IRS expect for a variety of benefits offered by employers.

Society for Human Resource Management
A wealth of information is available through Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). Review this site to keep up on the latest news in Human Resources management.

Fortune's Ranking of Companies Offering Best Benefits
Every year, Fortune Magazine puts out a top list of the best companies to work for. Part of what makes these companies so great is the superb benefits they offer. See what top companies are offering.

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