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Benefits Available for Families

When a potential employee looks at their benefits, they're also evaluating how the benefits would help fit their family. The nuclear family that once existed has expanded. A family can now consist of domestic partners, adopted children and even pets! Learn what benefits are available for family members, no matter who they are.

Criteria to Qualify as a Domestic Partner
There is no federal law qualifying who a domestic partner includes, though some state and local laws do. If your company intends to cover domestic partners, you should outline what a domestic partner is in your employee handbook. Some common elements of domestic partnership can include:

What You Need to Know About FMLA
The Family Medical Leave Act was passed to allow employees to take unpaid leave from work, while maintaining benefits and their position.

Domestic Partnership Laws by State
Veiw if your state has domestic partnership laws and what it entails.

Family Leave Medical Act
Department of Labor's Family Leave Medical Act (FMLA) Information

Social Security Family Disability Planner
Social Security offers helpful information about disability benefits.

What is ACA and Health Care Reform?
Explaining the Affordable Care Act ACA and Health Care Reform with predictions for what is to come for workplace employee benefits administration.

Employee Benefits 101 – Options and Requirements
About.com shares the basic guidelines for employee benefit plans, options and legal requirements under the Affordable Care Act.

Financial Challenges of Affordable Family Benefits
Examining the financial challenges of providing family and dependent health benefits in the American household and how the Affordable Care Act helps.

Tips for Offering a Competitive Employee Benefits Package
Guidelines for Human Resource professionals tasked with designing competitive compensation & employee benefit packages to attract & retain employees.

Choosing Short-Term Disability Insurance Benefits
Learn what unique features short-term disability insurance benefits can offer as well as tips for choosing the right short disability plan coverage.

Employee Benefit Options for Students
Understanding the options in affordable employee benefits programs for college students and their families can help preserve student health and wellness.

Employee Benefits FAQs: Disability Insurance
Navigate the waters of disability insurance benefits as we answer some of the more common questions and give helpful answers here.

Low Cost Supplemental Insurance Options
Suggestions for helping control health insurance costs and boost compensation plans with low cost supplemental health and wellness benefits.

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