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Vacation Time


Like sick days, vacation days aren’t a requirement for workers. Federal law does not have a mandate requiring companies to offer their employees vacation days. While you don’t have to offer your employees vacation days, these days are a very important part of a strong benefits package that will attract top employees.
  • The first thing to do is decide your company’s paid vacation day policy. This includes figuring out how many days to give off and whether to combine it into a time-off pool, along with sick and personal days.
  • Next, decide how vacation days will accrue on a yearly basis. To reward employee retention, it’s a good idea to offer a greater amount of vacation days to those who have been with your company longer.
  • Most importantly, be aware of what is average within your industry and area. A great resource is associations within your industry. They’re able to give you an idea of the standard benefits, including vacation days, available to those within the industry.

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