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Benefits of Implementing Wellness Initiatives


A healthy employee is a happy employee. Not only do healthy employees function better, but employees who experience overall health help contribute to the company’s bottom line in many ways. By promoting your employees’ health and wellbeing, both mentally and physically, you’re helping them go a long way towards being happier in life, and in turn, happier at work.

Many health insurers base the coverage and costs of the plans they offer companies on past claims. Preventable chronic illnesses can lead to higher costs of certain types of prescription drugs, such as those to treat asthma or diabetes. If they see these claims are high, especially due to preventable chronic illnesses, the cost of the plans they offer is higher, or sometimes, they may opt to not even offer a health plan at all.

A bit of exercise can easily get rid of these illnesses. While a wellness plan may seem like an added and unnecessary expense, it may actually lower medical coverage expenses, and allows employees to have a better plan. It’s easy to start a program, even if you don’t have money in the budget for an on site gym or full-fledged wellness program.

Health Fairs

Hold a health fair. During the fair you can pass out pamphlets promoting health and wellness. You can also have your health vendors bring in a nurse to test blood pressure.

Health Insurers

Many health insurers now have wellness programs and gym discount to promote health. Programs like these help cut claims costs and promote a healthier lifestyle. Some programs offered by the health insurers include:
  • Health Fair Assistance
  • Health Risk Assessments
  • Disease Management Programs
  • Discount Gym Memberships
  • Discount on Alternative Medicines
  • Weight Watchers Programs
  • Nutrition Counselors
A big part of wellness is to promote a healthy diet, exercise and annual physician visits. One of the key things you can do is provide information. That, and encouragement goes a long way.

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