1. Money

Additional Perks

Adding an additional perk like a voluntary program to your benefits package is a unique benefit in many cases. These programs often have minimal costs to employers. These programs can offer a tax benefit or a discount to employees.

Not everyone benefits from a 9 to 5 schedule. A flexible work schedule may be the ideal alternative. See how flextime can benefit both employers and employees.

Implementing a Pre-Tax Mass Transit Program
Go green and save money through a pre-tax mass transportation program.

Standard and Non-Standard Perks
An interesting article regarding different standard and non-standard benefits and perks that are offered to employees.

Pet Insurance Information
Information on Pet Insurance Providers and Coverage

Qualified Transportation Expenses
Section 132 of IRS code dictating allowable tax-free transportation costs.

Companies with Unusual Work Perks
See what companies draw in potential employees with their generous work perks.

Employee Performance Incentive and Reward Programs
About.com provides tips and guidelines for designing employee performance incentive and rewards programs for boosting worker productivity and loyalty.

Employee Benefits 101 – Options and Requirements
About.com shares the basic guidelines for employee benefit plans, options and legal requirements under the Affordable Care Act.

Low Cost Supplemental Insurance Options
Suggestions for helping control health insurance costs and boost compensation plans with low cost supplemental health and wellness benefits.

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