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Additional Perks

Adding an additional perk like a voluntary program to your benefits package is a unique benefit in many cases. These programs often have minimal costs to employers. These programs can offer a tax benefit or a discount to employees.

Not everyone benefits from a 9 to 5 schedule. A flexible work schedule may be the ideal alternative. See how flextime can benefit both employers and employees.

Implementing a Pre-Tax Mass Transit Program
Go green and save money through a pre-tax mass transportation program.

Standard and Non-Standard Perks
An interesting article regarding different standard and non-standard benefits and perks that are offered to employees.

Pet Insurance Information
Information on Pet Insurance Providers and Coverage

Qualified Transportation Expenses
Section 132 of IRS code dictating allowable tax-free transportation costs.

Companies with Unusual Work Perks
See what companies draw in potential employees with their generous work perks.

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