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Employee Benefits: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
Learn the Basics of Short Term Disability
Short term disability insurance can help workers that suffer a temporary illness or injury that leaves them out of work for a short period of time.
Get the Basics on Long Term Disability
Long term disability is a crucial benefit for employees that get hurt or sick off the job.
4 Situations Covered by the Family Medical...
The Family Medical Leave Act was passed to allow employees to take unpaid leave from work, while maintaining benefits and their position.
About.com shares ideas for #HRperformance w...
About.com provides tips and guidelines for designing employee performance incentive and rewards programs for boosting worker productivity and loyalty.
The 10 Best U.S. States for Retirees
Make your retirement savings and benefits stretch further when you choose from one of these top ten states to retire well and live a healthy lifestyle.
A Business Owner's Guide to Understanding...
Every business must pay payroll taxes regardless of number of employees. Learn the different kind of taxes and who's responsible for paying them.
What Every Employer Should Know About...
tax choice disability long term disability short term disability IRS Code Section 106 IRS Code Section 125 premium pre-tax after-tax
Short-Term Disability Insurance Benefit...
Learn what unique features short-term disability insurance benefits can offer as well as tips for choosing the right short disability plan coverage.
Telework Offered More, But Not Utilized Nearly...
Recent survey shows that flextime is growing in availability but that too few employees are taking advantage of this employee benefit for various reasons - learn why!
10 Ways to a More Successful Corporate Wellness...
Create wellness at work with these 10 tips for creating a health conscious program at work that lasts all year long.
Managed Care Health Plans
Most people are familiar with HMOs, POSs and PPOs. These are all different types of managed care plans. See what each one offers.
The Top 10 Unusual Employee Benefits from US...
These top companies are making the workplace with unique and attractive employee benefits that boost employee happiness in a big way.
Should You Offer Flextime to Your Employees?
Not everyone benefits from a 9 to 5 schedule. A flexible work schedule may be the ideal alternative. See how flextime can benefit both employers and employees.
Employer Medicare Coverage
Medicare can be confusing. Learn about the basics of Medicare and what is offered to recipients, along the conditions of offering a group retiree coverage plan.
Is a High Deductible Health Plan Right for You?
For companies considering implementing a high deductible health plan (HDHP), here is some information on what exactly an HDHP is and how it works.
How to Know if It's Worthy of Sick Leave
Sick leave policies aren't mandatory, but here's what you should keep in mind if you offer sick leave for your employees.
Best Practices for Effective Employee Benefit...
Guidelines for employee benefits administration through the use of recruitment planning, cost analysis, and careful selection of the right benefits technology.
Health Insurance Plan Basics
Offering health insurance has come to be expected. Learn the basic of health insurance coverage, including what HMOs POS and PPO plans cover.
Who Can Be Considered a 'Domestic Partner'?
A sample set of qualifications of a domestic partner.
Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Basics
An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) can help employees with personal problems that may affect their work performance.
About the Basics of Employee Benefits and...
About.com shares the basic guidelines for employee benefit plans, options and legal requirements under the Affordable Care Act.
Benefits of Implementing Wellness Initiatives
A wellness program can lead not only to an employee's health and well-being, but also positively impact a company's bottom line.
Health Savings Account (HSA) Basics
HSAs are a fairly new type of health insurance coverage. Companies are now starting to seek out these alternatives to managed care to help save on employee benefit insurance expenses.
Dental Insurance Basics
Basics of dental insurance and plans offered by providers.
A Peak into the Future of Employee Benefits in...
Recent surveys predict the future of employee benefits management and trends in the health care market transforming insurance programs and offerings.
8 Things Your Employee Handbook Must Cover
Creating an employee handbook is important to setting company policies that employees will follow. Here is a list of items to help you start creating an Employee Handbook for your company. Remember to have a lawyer review any handbook distributed to employees.
Steps for Designing Strong Compensation w...
Learn how to put together an attractive and compliant compensation package leveraging attractive employee benefits and perks with these expert steps.
Learning About Non-Cash Fringe Benefits...
Learn more about non-cash or fringe employee benefits, with ideas that any organization can use to boost compensation packages. Basic tax guidelines.
Vacation Time
Setting a vacation day policy. Employee Benefits.
10 Employee Benefits Workers Want
Recent survey reveals the top most wanted employee benefits and how a younger workforce is shaping the benefits and compensation landscape for the coming years.
Flexible Employee Benefits for a More Diverse...
Talking about the importance of offering flexible and creative employee benefit plans to a more globally diverse workforce.
The Good, the Bad, and the Differences of FSA...
Learn what FSA and HSA plans are, the pros and cons of each, how they differ, and the advantages they offer as part of your employee benefits package.
21 Ways to Get More from Your Employee Benefits
Employee benefits are only as good as your ability to utilize them. In this article, you will get 21 tips for maximizing the benefits your employer offers you.
Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO)
Learn how HMOs work and the benefits to choosing one for your company.
What's the Value of Adding Corporate Training...
Discover the unique plusses of adding a corporate training program to your employee benefits package to support a better organization and future goals.
What are the Hottest Jobs in Employee Benefits?...
Find out more about the challenging world of employee benefits and what the leading careers are today in this insightful article.
Understanding How to Get Employees to Use Their...
Dig deeper into employee benefits as we talk about boosting plan participation by understanding how and why employees see the value of their benefits.
Get Ready for 2015 Affordable Care Act Tax...
Learn what the Affordable Care Act reporting requirements are for 2015 and 2016, and download the free tax forms here so your organization can comply.
Introduction to 401(k) Plans
401(k) plans are frequently used to save for retirement. Find out who can set up a 401(k), how it's beneficial and why it's so widely used.
What's the ACA and Health Care Reform all About?
Explaining the Affordable Care Act ACA and Health Care Reform with predictions for what is to come for workplace employee benefits administration.
Leveraging Employee Benefits in Recruitment and...
Understand the increased focus on leveraging employee benefits as part of a strong corporate employee recruitment and retention strategy.
How the ACA Helps Reduce Financial Challenges...
Examining the financial challenges of providing family and dependent health benefits in the American household and how the Affordable Care Act helps.
How to Offer a Competitive Salary and Employee...
Guidelines for Human Resource professionals tasked with designing competitive compensation & employee benefit packages to attract & retain employees.
Steps to Forecast the 2015 Employee Benefits...
Learn how to forecast your employee benefits budget for the 2015 plan year, and keep a handle on health insurance costs for your employees.
10 Ways to Get Smarter When Planning for...
Be smart when it comes to saving up and planning for retirement with these top 10 hot tips for retirement savings and employee benefits planning.
Types of Affordable Supplemental Benefits for...
Suggestions for helping control health insurance costs and boost compensation plans with low cost supplemental health and wellness benefits.
Implementing a Pre-Tax Mass Transit Program
Go green and save money through a pre-tax mass transportation program.
How to Save Big Bucks on Employee Benefits this...
Learn how to save a bundle on your health insurance and wellness needs this year with this insightful article from an employee benefits expert.
Consumer Driven Health Plans
Consumer driven health plans are a great alternative to a regular health plan, especially for smaller businesses with a young, healthy employment base.
What are the Affordable Care Act Tax Penalties?
Get all the facts about the tax penalities and credits for employers and indivuals come with the Affordable Care Act for the 2014-2017 tax years.
Resources for Learning About Employee Benefits
Discover many resources for learning about employee benefits as either a career path or just for personal interest as a wise benefits consumer.
Do American CEOs Get too Much Pay and Benefits?
Find out just how much the CEO at your company earns and how many employee benefits and perks he gets that you don't get in this insightful article.
Major Factor When Accepting or Declining Job...
Learn how to evaluate an offer of employment based on the employee benefit plans offered during negotiations, and know when to accept it or walk away.
Retirement Options for Small Businesses
Setting up a retirement account can get timely and expensive, especially for a small business. Here's an intro of the options small businesses have when setting up retirement funds.
Technology Manages Employee Benefits Well in...
Find out how benefits technology helps human resource benefit administrators to handle the challenges of plan administration, communication, and reporting.
Make Sure Your Company Offers the Required...
Discover what the government says are the required minimum employee benefits that all businesses must provide to employees under health care reform.
How Valuable are Employee Assistance Program...
Understanding how Employee Assistant Programs EAP work gives clues about how much value they bring to the workplace as employee benefits.
Are Flexible Dependent Care Spending Accounts...
The Flexible Dependent Care Savings Plans are under fire as new legislation threatens to alter them forever, affecting millions of families who depend on them.
Tips for Helping More Employees Become...
Learn why financial literacy programs should be an important part of your employee benefits offering, with 5 steps to educate employees about money.
Smoking Cessation Programs
Many people still smoke despite stricter regulations prohibiting smoking in many places. Help employees quit faster through smoking cessation programs.
What Families Don't Know About the Family...
Find out some recent statistics on the use of the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and learn more about the rights of individuals who wish to take a leave.
Standard Vacation Days
If you aren't sure which days are typically given to employees as company-wide holidays, below is a list of days that are standard at companies. Depending on what industry you're in, there may be different holidays your company chooses to follow. A big exception is the financial industry, which tends to follow the same holidays as the stock exchange.
Managing Employee Benefits in US States with...
Employee benefits administration for same-sex spouses and their dependents, with best practices, updates on same sex marriage states and benefit laws.
New Survey Reveals the Top Employee Benefit...
Get the scoop on the biggest 2015 New Year resolutions for employee benefits and perks to boost your employee compensation program.
Are Benefits Still a Priority for Working...
Learn what's on the priority list for more working Americans than at any other time in history and what companies can do to hire and retain the best.
Better Retirement Benefits Adminstration Using...
Get the scoop on how to communicate and administer retirement plans using a wide range of employee benefits technology and tools today.
Choosing the Best Health Insurance for Your Needs
Learn why health insurance is so important, what the law says about the kind of health insurance you are required to obtain, and how to choose the best plan.
The Debate Rages Over Small vs Large Business...
Learn how small businesses can compete with bigger businesses to offer better employee benefits and how they are winning the compensation game today.
Methods for Educating Employees About Benefits
Best practices and steps for developing and managing employee benefits education to produce a more healthy and productive workforce.
About Your Rights as an Employee Under Workers'...
Learn what your rights and responsibilities are as an employee when you have been hurt at work and need to file a workers' compensation claim.
Companies Using Employee Benefits to Capture...
Employee benefit marketing and communication can impact recruitment and retention of employees - discover 6 companies setting the example of great marketing.
Learn About the Employee Benefits That Stay...
Find out what happens to employee benefits when you change careers, what you can take with you and what you need to use now.
Best Practices for Effectively Communcating...
Discover best practices for communicating employee benefits during new hire orientation, open enrollment by getting management team participation.
Multiply Work Perks with Voluntary Employee...
Explore how Voluntary Employee Benefit Plans are given employees more value in terms of their compensation, and how they save employers money and time.
Quick Tips for a Successful Open Enrollment #HR...
Understand employee benefits open enrollment period and use these 4 hot tips for making this year's OE a bigger success than last year.
Tips for Help Plan for Retirement
Learn what's new in retirement planning whether you are just starting out or conducting last minute planning for your future retirement years.
Connecting Sales Compensation with Employee...
Find out how sales compensation plans work, the types of plan offers, and the way they connect to a pay for performance system and employee benefits.
Time Spent Choosing Employee Benefits is Less...
Survey reveals surprising facts about how much time the average person spends selecting their employee benefits, and how this affects quality of benefit use.
Highlight Employee Benefits with Total...
Discover how to bolster your employee benefits by including them in total compensation statements that are provided on a regular basis to employees.
Guidelines for Education and Training Programs...
Learning & Development Programs are among the most important employee benefits you can offer. Shared guidelines on how to create a successful program.
What You Need to Know About Updates on the ACA...
Get the update on the recent 2015-2016 Affordable Care Act Pay or Play provision that businesses with 50 or more full time employees must follow to avoid penalties.
The Negative Impact of Using Retirement...
Understand how adult children of Baby Boomers are burdening their parents and putting their retirement savings benefits at major risk.
What are Qualifying Life Events for Making...
Employee Benefit elections can be changed for certain qualifying life events. Find out what they are and what to do when you experience a status change.
Interview Tips for Talking About Employee...
Dispell the worry when talking about employee benefits during job interviews, with these tips for candidates, hiring managers and recruiters.
Frequently Asked Questions About Disability...
Navigate the waters of disability insurance benefits as we answer some of the more common questions and give helpful answers here.
Do High Deductible Health Plans Hurt Employees?
High Deductible Health Care can hurt certain kinds of employees. Learn how consumers can protect their health and finances by choosing the best employee benefits.
Voluntary Employee Benefit Basics to Know
The basics of Voluntary Employee Benefits, their business advantages, and guidelines for augmenting required health care plans for employees.
Explaining How Disability Benefits Work
Learn all the ins and outs of disability insurance, short term and long term disability insurance, and what to do if you must leave your job due to a disabling condition or injury.
Check Out the Top 5 Employee Benefits Apps
Learn what the leading employee benefits apps are for this year and how you can use them to boost benefit plan participation and value in the workplace.
Employee Benefits: What is Required at the End...
Important 2014 and 2015 employee benefit legal requirements and deadlines that you need to be managing now as a plan administrator.
What Will Happen to My Work Benefits If I...
Understand what happens to employee benefits when you lose a job, and what to expect as you transition to other forms of health benefits.
What Can Students Do to Stay Healthy?
Understanding the options in affordable employee benefits programs for college students and their families can help preserve student health and wellness.
Learn About Summary Plan Descriptions and ERISA...
Understand Summary Plan Descriptions SPD and how they meet ERISA guidelines for employee benefits administration.
Short Term Employee Benefits for Temps on the...
Learn about the employee benefits available for temp workers and what's trending in the temporary employment market as we head into the near future.

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